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Philippa’s practice stems from an exploration and development into experimental analogue filmmaking. Initially, using techniques formed during printmaking and exposure with a focus centered around the process of making. Circulating around notions of space and time, Philippa has projected, the idea of reliving, or repeating moments that in reality can never truly be repeated. This has been realised in various experiments working directly onto 16mm film. These experimental works have created optical sound films which has lead to further exploration between analogue and digital sounds created through various processes. Recently, Philippa’s practice has focused more on projecting just simply the moment of creation which has began an interesting journey into performance.

Philippa has worked within the creative and cultural sector for 10 years. In this time, securing and managing large bids alongside curating and programming exciting activity for her own organisation, Threads, other organisations and festivals. Before joining SEK as Social Enterprise Advisor, Philippa was Kent co-ordinator for South East Creatives, an ERDF grants and business support programme across the south east.


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